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What I’m referring to is the lack of a post credit scene at the end of Man of Steel, something that comic book film-goers have grown accustomed to over the years, which apparently Christopher Nolan had a say in squashing.

It was reported in an extensive article in the Guardian, that Director Zack Snyder was asked by the studios to include a humorous post credit scene at the conclusion of Man of Steel. A smart move in my opinion being that Disney/Marvel, which has pretty much RULED the comic book film market, does this with each and every film. Something audiences have come to fully expect every time a Marvel film airs. Christopher Nolan reportedly shot this request down, saying: “A real movie wouldn’t do that.”


First off…YES, real movies do do this, in fact REAL GOOD movies do this.

What Nolan seems to of forgotten is that there is something ‘larger’ than him and his peculiarities at stake here. The ‘war’ for hearts and minds between DC COMICS and MARVEL is getting ready to kick into full gear. Marvel clearly has the upper hand with the box office and fan-based success of their films over the last 6 or 7 years. DC Comics is playing catch up, and with the recent announcement of their upcoming spate of comic book films, it would appear they are looking for a game changer here soon.

So YES, Mr. Nolan. Real films (like those made with Marvel’s stamp on them) DO add post credit scenes, and you would do well to follow suit, being that DC Comics has a LOT of ground to try and make up and the clock is ticking!

On a personal note when watching a Marvel film, then seeing most of the audience eagerly staying put when the credits begin to roll, is a thing of beauty.

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