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There are plenty of Esport documentary films being produced every day, and though not every one of them is one you need to spend a lot of time watching, there are others that can help acclimate you properly, to the competitive world of professional gaming. Here are 16 esport documentary films to put on your MUST-SEE watch list. Esport Documentary Films Here are some additional links you might also find interesting: Liquid Behind the Scenes – IPL TAC3 Finals – Part 1 Liquid Behind the Scenes – IPL TAC3 Finals

D & D (or, Dungeons & Dragons) could be considered a ‘right of passage’ for those inclined to join up with The Geekocracy. In fact, it may even be written somewhere that for anyone to even be considered legitimately a geek or nerd, one must have played a minimal number of hours slaying beasts and rolling crits! And even then, one may just barely be considered worthy enough to don one of these remarkably designed D & D tees now available! Critical Failure [$24.80 on] Role Playa [$23.77 on