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Comic Con Comes to Boise?

Comic Con has come to Boise, Idaho! The Tree City Comic Con event kicked off to raucous fan fare as the denizens of the City descended upon the fairgrounds, costumed up and ready for fun. Yours truly was in attendance and for someone who has never been to a ‘comic con-type’ event, it was definitely one to remember.

Per the Brochure received upon entering the Tree City Comic Con:

Tree City Comic Con is first and foremost a comic convention with local artists and writers showing off the talent that is Boise. Over the years the comic book convention has morphed into a Pop culture convention inviting fans from all areas of fandom. We have worked hard to have some presence of each area, including comic pop art, sci-fi, horror, anime, animation, fantasy, and any area that you can be a fan of. With this wide array of fandom, we have worked hard to bring as much as we can into a two-day event.

The Plan

The event spanned from Friday to Saturday. We decided to hit it first thing Friday. With kids at school and mostly everyone else at work, we knew the foot traffic would be light and hence, more opportunity for us to get around and see everything unobstructed!

The Event

[box position=”left” textalign=”right”]Tree City Comic Con[/box]Expectations were deliberately set low. This was Boise’s first ‘Comic Con’, but we hoped, it wouldn’t be the last. We didn’t want to walk in and be disappointed. We were cautiously optimistic and we kept our excitement to a respectable low mumble.

Tickets were a bit pricey, but this was Comic Con, so despite throwing down a pretty penny for a one day pass it just seemed like…..the right thing to do! 🙂

The event was held at the city’s fairgrounds which seemed like the most logical of locations, given its centralized location for fans from not just Boise, but neighboring communities as well. Inside there were several aisles of small cubicle-like ‘shops’ manned with vendors and artists from all over. There were toys, comics and other collectibles, comic book artistry from prints to posters to shirts and more and artists eager to sign their work for you to add to the authenticity of the design.

Some of the more cooler ‘call-outs’ [from my perspective anyways] was the star wars setup, the table top gaming area, the ‘Blacksmith’ [Not sure what his official title was but the guy had an impressive set of ‘purchasable’ swords and other blades recreated from popular cartoons, film and video games] and the lineup of television/film stars in attendance, from Mark Sheppard [from the hit TV show Supernatural] to John Rhys-Davies [who played Gimli the Dwarf in The Lord of the Rings] to Nichelle Nichols [Otherwise known as Lt. Uhura in the original Star Trek series], as well as many more. A relatively small but decent lineup for Boise’s first Comic Con event.

Gone, But We Will Return

We didn’t hang around long enough to participate in any of the panels or contests [costume contest], nor was I able to get a photo or autograph from any of the stars in attendance, as I was fairly limited in time, but rest assured, when this event returns to the City of Tress [and it WILL return, I hope], I will partake in every aspect of the madness that is Comic Con.