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Star Wars R2 Unit USB Hub

If you’re like me, you’re always running out of USB ports to plug shit into on your laptop or MAC. Not to worry, though because you can always add a few extra USB port with the help of this awesomely crafted unit USB Hub on

Cool Features:
When you first receive the R2 USB Hub and plug it into one of your computer’s USB ports, it swivels its star-wars-r2d2head about 20 degrees left, and then back across 20 degrees to the right, and does that 3 or 4 times when plugged in. At the same time it chirps the familiar Star Wars R2D2 beeping sounds, just as you might remember in the Star Wars films.

The only bad thing is, trying to concentrate on your work at the office or workplace without being taken in, just watching the R2 Hub do its thing! It’s THAT captivating.

Here are some additional more technical details on the device:

  • Item Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.2 x 6 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Pattern: USB 2.0 Hub

Get more information on the Star Wars R2 unit USB Hub on

Hoverboard Invention Could be the Beginnings to Something Larger

A California startup, Arx Pax, has recently developed a working Hoverboard device [Anyone remember Back to the Future?], that they are currently trying to crowdfund on

See the Hendo Hoverboard in action:

Of course the Hendo Hoverboard is nothing like we saw in Back to the Future, but it definitely is a monumental start to something that can develop into even bigger and better things than hover boards, right? Let me help you visualize the possibilities!

The Land Speeder in Star Wars? No?
[box position=”left” width=”100%”]landspeeder-star-wars[/box]

How about a hover car like those depicted in the reboot to Total Recall?
[box position=”left” width=”100%”]total-recall[/box]

The technology is early and rudimentary but the possibilities are endless. Want to contribute to the future? Here is a sample of what your funding can buy you:

Pledge $100 or more…

HENDO HOVERBOARD RIDE: A 5 minute hoverboard ride just to get a feel for it. This can be redeemed at our Silicon Valley area location, or potentially at a hoverpark near you in the future.

Pledge $299 or more…

THE WHITEBOX™ DEVELOPER KIT: A Hendo hover engine set, and enough surface to hover it on. All yours to marvel at. You can even remove the engines and try hovering something of your own design

Pledge $449 or more…

FULL-SIZED REPLICA HENDO HOVERBOARD: Display it how you like – prominently on a wall, proudly on a stand, just don’t throw it in the basement or attic!

For more options and information see – Hendo Hoverboard Kickstarter project