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Black Panther, Original Art by Pamela Ashton

Now nearly a household name after a breakout performance and showing in the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa, was a force to be reckoned with in the show. An African Prince and now king of the fabled African Kingdom of Wakanda, T’Challa, also know as The Black Panther is a Marvel superhero with roots from way back in the comic universe.

T’Challa The Black Panther

black panther pamela ashton art
Here he is on 18×20 Stretched Canvas by PamelaAshton Art. Glittered for texture and visual enhancement. Varnished for protection and color enhancement. Signed on the back by Artist Pamela Ashton and son.

$300.00 on etsy

Joe Madureira (Joe Mad): Comic Book & Game Artist

If there’s one consistent thing about art, its that its highly subjective. not everyone will like the same thing. What one person may like another will not, but the wonderful thing about art is that there really is something out there for everyone, and for me, the art of Joe Madureira ranks right up there with some of the best I have the pleasure of seeing in some of my favorite comic book stories.

Avengers by Joe Madureira

Joe Mad is a comic book writer/artist and game developer, best known for his work on Marvel Comics’ Uncanny X-Men and his creator-owned comic book Battle Chasers.

Madureira’s style combines Western comic book influences with aspects of Japanese manga, and has been credited for helping the latter influence the American comic book industry. [Wiki]

What has garnered my ‘personal’ attention and liking of Madureira’s work however has always been the fine and intricate ‘detail’ his work has displayed. Though some may prefer more abstract comic book art, the level of detail Madureira puts into his drawings is something that keeps me reading and re-reading comics over and over again – a sure sign that the art NEVER TIRES.

But enough talk, here is but a FRACTION of the work, that is Joe Mad…

Inhumans By Joe Madureira

Inhuman By Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira

inhuman by Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira

Darksiders y Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira

Notable links for more on Joe Madureira:

TO YOU ASPIRING ARTISTS…FROM JOE MADUREIRA [DeviantArt] A great piece by Joe Mad on advice he gives on becoming a successful artist or becoming a working professional.

Joe Madureira on Inhuman #3 [YouTube] A YouTube video which shows Joe putting together the cover art of Inhuman #3. Remember I spoke of his amazing attention to detail? See it in action here.

Joe Mad on the Video Game Battle Chasers [Geek & Sundry] Joe talks with Geek & Sundry on the RPG video game Battle Chasers and his game development studio Airship Syndicate.

Top 10 Best Daredevil Marvel Graphic Novels To Own

That’s right, more Daredevil! And who would argue on the heels of arguably TV’s greatest comic book TV series to date? Haven’t seen the Netflix Marvel original TV series Daredevil yet? I encourage you to do so as it is truly the work of art everyone is making it out to be. And, if you still want more Daredevil even after watching the show, here are 10 of top Daredevil Graphic Novels for your reading and illustrative enjoyment!

Top 10 Best Daredevil Marvel Graphic Novels

1. Daredevil Visionaries – Frank Miller, Vol. 2 [$12.13]

[box width=”200″ height=”300px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd01[/box]The celebration of one of the comic book industry’s top talents continues as writer/artist extraordinnaire Frank Miller’s classic Daredevil adventures are collected in a second tribute volume. All the elements that made Miller’s tenure on Daredevil a comic noir classic are here in this Marvel graphic novel: gritty, street-level action, moody atmosphere, and widescreen adventure told with a cinematic eye.

The stories in this volume feature unforgettable characters like the Kingpin, the mammoth king of the New York Underworld; Bullseye, the deranged but deadly assassin; Elektra, the woman Daredevil loves but is forced to oppose; and of course, Daredevil himself, blind as justice, he is an attorney by day and an urban vigilante by night. Also introduced in this collection is the mysterious ninja brotherhood, The Hand, the group that will ultimately cause Elektra’s untimely demise.

Tense and dramatic, the stories included in this volume dedicated to Frank Miller’s classic work show the continued development of an artistic legend as his formidable skills continued to grow in stature and depth.

2. Daredevil: Born Again [$17.53]

[box width=”200″ height=”295px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd02[/box] The definitive Marvel graphic novel Daredevil tale, by industry legends Frank Miller and David Mazzuccelli! Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s former lover, has traded away the Man Without Fear’s secret identity for a drug fix. Now Daredevil must find strength as the Kingpin of Crime wastes no time taking him down as low as a human can get.






3. Daredevil Visionaries Vol. 1: Guardian Devil (v. 1) [$4.99]

[box width=”200″ height=”309px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd03[/box] Daredevil and Spider-Man have, though the years, forged a strong working relationship, going so far as to trust one another with their secret identities. The urban adventurers share many similarities- but just how different are they? In this titanic team-up, the Man Without Fear and the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler unite-but often rub each other the wrong way- to put a stop to an evil plan, by an unlikely group of 4 of Marvel’s darker villains, hired by the Kingpin of Crime.





4. Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller, Vol. 3 $24.00

[box width=”200″ height=”301px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd04[/box] Daredevil found new life under the pen and pencil of Frank Miller, and his vision of the Man Without Fear is highlighted in this third volume, collecting the complete run. In this collection, Daredevil once more takes on New York City’s criminal underworld, angered over the prevalence of drugs in the schools. Along the way, he has to first compete against and then fight the Punisher, who has a deadlier method for dealing with pushers.

Daredevil also finds himself foiling the Kingpin of crime’s latest machinations while precariously handling a crumbling relationship with Heather Glenn.

When the dangerous Hand return from Japan, Daredevil needs help but his last ally against them, Elektra, is dead. Coming to his aid is the Black Widow, an old lover, who only further complicates Daredevil’s emotions.

5. Daredevil Vol. 9: King of Hell’s Kitchen $6.49

[box width=”200″ height=”290px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd05[/box] “It’s been a year since Daredevil did the unthinkable, beating Wilson Fisk to within an inch of his life and declaring himself the new Kingpin. Now, the Yakuza have come to stake their claim for Hell’s Kitchen, targeting Matt Murdock. Their unforgettable battle royale is just the tip of the iceberg, and Daredevil will never be the same again. Featuring guest-appearances by Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Reed Richards and Dr. Strange!





6. Daredevil Vol. 2: Parts of a Hole $9.80

[box width=”200″ height=”302px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd06[/box] Matt Murdoch falls in love with a tragic figure who has been programmed by the Kingpin to destroy his alter-ego, Daredevil. Worse yet, the assassin, Echo, can absorb every move and detail of Daredevil’s fighting style to turn his own strengths against him.






7. Daredevil Legends Vol. 4: Typhoid Mary $37.95

[box width=”200″ height=”301px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd07[/box] By her own admission, Typhoid Mary is “a love-maker and a man-hater.” She is a psychotic, schizophrenic predator who will use her gallery of multiple personalities for one single-minded purpose: to seduce, dominate, and ultimately execute her prey. Quickly becoming the underworld’s most feared assassin, Mary terrorizes her targets with a seemingly inexhaustible lust for bloodshed. In service to the Kingpin, Typhoid Mary sets her deadly sights on Daredevil, the heroic protector of New York’s notorious Hell’s Kitchen. With Daredevil at her mercy, will Typhoid Mary be able to strike the fatal blow?




8. Daredevil: Return of the King $14.21

[box width=”200″ height=”306px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd08[/box] Nearly two years ago, the Kingpin left America to try to build a new life and find a new purpose for himself. Is that new life now coming to the attention of old enemies? And how does this connect to Matt Murdock and his troubles in New York with Lady Bullseye? Find out in Return of the King! Daredevil: Return of the King re-teams four-time award-winning writer Ed Brubaker with groundbreaking artist David Aja for the first time since their work on the cult sensation Immortal Iron Fist!





9. Daredevil Vol. 4: The Man Without Fear, Underboss $4.95

[box width=”200″ height=”288px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd09[/box] Cover by alex maleev. brian michael bendis (w)/alex maleev. Who put out a hit on the Kingpin…. and Matt Murdock? The mystery man named Mr. Silke has inspired Wilson Fisk’s lieutenants to rise up and take down the Kingpin of Crime! What is the connection between the underbosses’ uprising and the contract on DD’s life? The true-crime creative team of Brian Michael Bendis (Powers, ALIAS) and Alex Maleev (Sam and Twitch) reveal all in this classic 144-page Marvel graphic novel.





10. Daredevil: The Fall of the Kingpin $54.99

[box width=”200″ height=”293px” position=”LEFT” textalign=”RIGHT” textsize=”14px”]dd10[/box] The Fall of the Kingpin is Miller’s Born Again in reverse; where the Kingpin once played Murdock’s life like a master puppeteer, destroying pieces along the way, Murdock now has his chance to do the same in return.

The Kingpin, with his hands in every dirty pie in New York City, has further to fall. And he lands much harder.

Daredevil begins by exposing Kingpin’s sole vulnerability: Vanessa, his lost love. Next, Daredevil removes from the field the Kingpin’s right hand and lover, Typhoid Mary — with a cunning strategy that is a bit heartbreaking to see. From there, the red-garbed hero begins dismantling the Kingpin’s empire bit by bit, using a cadre of international terrorists and the country’s top espionage unit as foils in his plan.

6 Amazing Spider-Man Shirt and iPhone Case Designs

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens nationwide on May 2nd, so time is getting short to get your game face on! I’ve been out on the watch, searching, looking and now I’m ready to start collecting! Managed to find some very cool customized Amazing Spider-Man t-shirt designs as well as iPhone case art that is truly unique, all depicting the web slinger himself.

See something you like> Click on the price link and you can order immediately online at Red Bubble. If you’ve managed to find some cool Amazing Spider-Man designs as well, let me know in the comments below.

Spider-Kid – $24.46

amazing spiderman t-shirt

SpideyToon – $28.29

amazing spiderman t-shirt

Symbiote – $25.52

amazing spiderman t-shirt

Keep Calm and Web On – $25.52

amazing spiderman t-shirt

Lego Spider-Man – $28.64

amazing spiderman t-shirt

With Great Power – $26.59

amazing spiderman t-shirt

Spider-man iPhone Case – $37.20

Amazing Spiderman iPhone Case

Where to Watch Free Anime Episodes Online [UPDATED]

I will go out on a limb and assume that if you are reading this, that you very well know what Anime is, however in the off chance that you don’t, let me give you a really brief idea of what Anime is, what’s the difference between Anime and Manga, and where you can go online to watch free Anime episodes.

If you are already well aware of what Anime is, skip below to the list we have compiled as to where to Watch Free Anime Episodes Online.

Watch Anime Online

Attack On Titan

Brief on Anime
Anime originates from Japan and is essentially their version of what we in America consider cartoons or animated features. It is often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. When we talk about Anime, this could include animated television series, short films and full-length feature films.

Anime has a tremendously, large audience in Japan and recognition throughout the world, and has steadily grown in popularity in the United States in leaps and bounds. You can find instances of Anime influence throughout American culture today, from movies, to toys, to comic book conventions and costume play.

Watch Anime Online

Ghost in the Shell

Difference between Anime and Manga
You may of also heard the term ‘Manga.’ The term ‘Manga’ is a Japanese word referring both to comics and cartooning. ‘Manga’ as a term used outside Japan refers specifically to comics originally published in Japan.

Put simply, where Anime is more of the animated-sort, you can equate Manga to comic books and illustrative graphic novels in the U.S. Manga can include work in a broad range of genres: action-adventure, romance, sports and games, historical drama, comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, suspense, detective, horror, sexuality, and business/commerce, among others.

Where to Watch Free Anime Episodes Online
Now the question becomes, where can you watch Anime on the Web? To that we say, there are many places you can watch, and with all due respect, probably more places than we can identify and muster on one post. However, we have made a serious attempt to list a bunch here for your review. And, if you are reading this, and have an online channel you typically use to watch free Anime episodes online, and don’t see it on our list, please help us and other readers out by listing it in the comments below. We’d very appreciate it. Thanks.

Anilinkz – (
Our pick for one of the more extensive collections available.

Anime Center – (

Watch – (
Not a bad site. A decent size collection but not as large as say, Anilinkz.

Watch Anime On – (
A strong collection of titles plus a nice to be able to search by ‘genre’ rather than just alphabetical order.

My Anime Stream – (
Not a very large selection.

Anime Sub – (
Very small Anime selection and not a visibly pleasing site.

Anime Exceed – (
Opposite of Anime Sub (above), with a good size collection, search by title or genre and a well designed site.

Anime Ram – (
Cool feature here, search by ‘Random Anime’. Nice esepcially if you don’t know much about Anime and want to check out some randoms titles/genres.

Go Go Anime – (
Claims to be the world’s largest free Anime site but that’s debatable.

Anime1 – (
Good looking site, good size collection, search by Ongoing, Genre, Latest Episodes, Latest Anime or Most popular.

Love My Anime – (

Eyes on Anime – (
Fairly decent Anime collection and a variety of methods to search for a particular series.

Kuro Anime – (
Search is a bit more visually pleasing since search results are images rather than list, however it can be a bit tedious searching through all that.

Anime Fate – (

UAnime – (
Relatively small collection considering. I like the preview slider bar on the fron page with new Summer 2013 additions.

English Animes – (

Watch Anime Stream – (

Anime Season – (
A very good selection of Anime titles with great search functionality and filters for ease of finding what you are looking for.

Anime Hub – (

Watch Cartoon Online – (

Otaku Streamers – (

Good Anime – (

9anime – (

animeheaven – ( – (

For Android Mobile Devices

AnimeDLR – (

Animania – (

NOT FREE Anime Channels

VRV – (

Please note that at any time any of these sites listed could be ‘de-listed’ by Google or any other search engine due to various possible copyright infringements or whatnot, so its always good to have 2 or 3 that you like, bookmarked away in case one disappears at any point in time.

The list could conceivably go on, as sites literally come and go on a continuous basis, though many of the ones we have listed seemed to of figure out how to survive. In any case, we don’t know everything and would be appreciative if you could add to the list in the comments below in order to help make this list as complete as possible. Thanks!