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Vintage Star Wars T-shirts From a Childhood Far, Far Away

There’s an absolutely horrid, teaser trailer going around right now from the original release of Star Wars back in 1976. The trailer was released some 6 months before the movie premiered so it wasn’t completely polished, but horrid nevertheless. In light of this however, it did bring back memories of my childhood and the vintage Star Wars T-shirts we donned so proudly back then.

First off, here is the teaser trailer for the 1976 release of Star Wars:

Yes, I realize it was 1976, and everything was relatively ‘tacky’ back then, but this is still a horrid trailer. At least the t-shirts were cool though, right?

Classic Tee – This is the one design I remember fondly and in my opinion probably the most prevalent vintage Star Wars t-shirt in circulation during that time.
Vintage Star Wars T-Shirt

Tilted Text Tee – I had one similar to this but in a different color if I remember. I think the beige one to be exact.
Star Wars Tilted T-Shirt

The Empire Strikes Back Tee – I remember completely wearing this particular out. I mean I wore it so much it was in tatters before I finally got rid of it. Empire was my fav of the series and I treated the shirt as such!
Empire Strikes Back T-shirt

I had a chewbacca t-shirt but couldn’t seem to find the exact one I wore. Fond memories with more to come (hopefully) if Disney can bring the series back to true form with Star Wars VII releasing in 2015. Fingers crossed!

Want to Piss Off Your Trekkie and Star Wars Friends?

There no other camps more at odds with each other than Star Trekkies and Star Wars fans. Star Wars has always been a powerhouse but its influence has waned over the years with the last film (if you want to call it that) having been released in 2008. Star Trek on the other hand is kicking strong with recent reboots of the franchise making a killing at the box office. So how do we kick up the flames between these two ancient rivals? With a little Geek’d out T-shirt fun!

Star Trek/Wars (inspired) May The Force Be With You T-shirt – $17.00 (Purchase at Etsy)

May The Force Be With You

May The Force Be With You T-shirt

Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Remember Centipede?!

They opened up a vintage arcade not too long ago here in my city and man did it bring back some good memories. Walking down the aisles, the sights and digitized sound all mixed together in a cacophony of loud and heart thumping fun! And then you see it. that colorful shroom’d out screen, the hapless little gunner sliding from side to side trying ever so expertly to shoot that long, multi-legged beast from hell, rapidly maneuvering to devour you! That’s right, CENTIPEDE!!

So you can imagine my delight when I came across this baby over on J!NX :: Clothing for Gamers & Geeks. A vintage video game illustration of Centipede. If you like, purchase it here. Already have mine on order, of course!

centipede arcade shirt

5 Man of Steel Tees You’ll Want To Nab Before They’re Gone!

Here is a compilation of Man of Steel/Superman shirts currently available at online stores across the Web…

$19.99UBU Unlimited
This one sold on Ubu Unlimited falls more in line with the overall theme of the film which many who saw it described as ‘darker’ than the other Superman movie attempts.

$15.36Hot Topic
Even more-so than the first Man of Steel shirt, this dark and rocky grey logo tee is even more foreboding, and really speaks to the dark and calamitous events that both kick off the film and bring it to its destructive Metropolis finale!

The creative nature of this tee is what grabbed my attention with a visage of Clark as both the mild-mannered reporter at the Daily Planet and the Man of Steel.

The General Zod logo tee is a personal favorite of mine, and one, I might add, that I recently received in the mail last week! The logo was a refreshing break from the traditional Superman ‘S’ and plus it just looked cool and sinister!

$22.99 – Tees-N-Things
This one stood out because of the more traditional colors it had as well as the dark surroundings. Simple and straight forward Man of Steel tee.