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Star Trek Robes For That Special Trekkie

Star Trek Robes from The Next Generation series (pretty much one of the best ones of ALL the Star Trek series, by the way)? There are plenty of robes available online, but something about these Next generation color schemes are really setting this bunch apart?

These Star Trek Robes (The Next-Generation) feature comfortable, plush fabric and styling reminiscent of the early Next Generation Star Trek uniforms. (But without the..AHEM.. inconvenience!)

There are several of these being manufactured that all you to choose your color: Red (Command) Gold (Operations), or Blue (Sciences) so that you can be easily identified on your vacation, around the house, or when out on the curb, grabbing your mail or pulling the garbage bin in.

Product Specifications – Star Trek Robes

  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Choose Blue (Science), Gold (Operations), or Red (Command)
  • Vinyl communicator badge on the chest
  • Star Trek communicator logo embroidered on the ends of the sash
  • Two pockets
  • One size fits most
  • Perfect for the overworked crew member who has 318 hours of shore leave saved up and can only roll over 80
  • Materials: 100% Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable. Tumble dry low.

And, really what it all comes down to when choosing your Star Trek robe is sure, who wouldn’t want to have the COMMAND robe (Captain Picard), but I sure did like Jordy, Data and Worf, soooooo…..

Right now, it looks like these are exclusive to THINK GEEK, so you’ll have to venture over there to check on the current pricing and availability of these.

Tom Holland’s Spiderman: Homecoming is Nearly Out. Got a Spidey Tee Yet?

Tom Holland’s Spiderman: Homecoming is just around the corner and the anticipation and excitement at this talented young actor’s debut in his own solo film will be blowing through the roof here in a bit. In a sea of other big movie openings, as is always the case every Summer, Tom Holland’s Spiderman: Homecoming seems like it has almost got lost in the shuffle at times, but I guarantee, once the week countdown begins, everyone is going to be ready to see the all-new web-slinger in action once again! So to get the jump on the rest, here are a few of the hot (but uniquely designed) Spider-man shirts being offered across the many online geek shops today.

New Spidey Symbol

tom holland's spiderman

Spidey Symbol


FunnyBone Spidey Face

tom hollands spiderman

Spidey ATT

tom hollands spiderman

Venom Symbol

spiderman homecoming

New Spider Logo
Spider-man Homecoming

And, lastly, as a bonus, the ALL NEW Infinity line of shirts are starting to get released, like the simple, YET COOL one listed below. Enjoy!

Bonus Shirt

infinity wars

Top Quote Of The Year – I Am One With the Force Shirts

I Am One With the Force Shirts. I am I Am One With the Force, the Force is with Me! If you’ve just seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, then I shouldn’t have to explain to you how this statement fits into the film, nor why it has become THE TRENDING QUOTE of recent days.

Over the relatively few days since I saw Rogue One, this quote – ‘I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me’ can be heard throughout my office, whispered in hushed tones before jumping into long conference calls, before giving long presentations during meetings, and in my case, before merging into heavy traffic in the throes of an icy and treacherous winter commute! I even heard a doctor say that he may even speak these powerful words before heading into difficult surgeries. It has quickly become one of the more memorable quotes of the Star Wars franchise and on a larger level, one of the more memorable quotes of the latter half of 2016.

‘I am one with the Force, the Force is with me’ in the film was spoken by none other than Chinese actor and Martial Artist Donnie Yen, who stars as Chirrut Imwe, a key player in the Rebel’s mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. Stricken with blindness, he is a highly capable hand-to-hand fighter able to take on cadres of Stormtroopers with just a wooden staff and his ‘unspecified’ understanding of the Force. There is in fact, one notable scene in the film (depicted below) which really capitalizes on this particular quote and gives it the significance is so truly deserved.




So in rememberance of Donnie Yen’s spectacular performance and a Star Wars quote that will be forever immortalized in the years to come, I give you I Am One With the Force Shirts from Redbubble’s creative Star Wars collection!

I Am One With the Force Shirts

I am One with the Force

i am one with the force
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I am one with the Force, the Force is with me

i am one with the force shirts
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I am one with the Force, the Force is with me

i am one with the force shirts
heck Current Pricing

I am one with the Force, the Force is with me

i am one with the force shirts
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I am one with the force, and the force is with me – minimalist typography

i am one with the force shirts
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The Empire Is Coming! 9 Rogue One Star Wars Movie Tees

9 Rogue One Star Wars Movie Tees. Anyone remember a science fiction flick back in the day (1977 to be specific), called Star Wars: A New Hope? It was a little strange at the time, about an evil empire and a rebellion, and the evil Empire had this really powerful weapon called The Death Star, that could destroy entire planets? And the rebellion needed to stop it. So along came these hapless heroes, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and his sidekick Chewbacca, to help save the day? Well, in a couple weeks, we’ll get the prequel to this film, called Rogue One, which will chronicle just how the rebellion got the blueprints that would help them destroy this Death Star weapon.

So, it’s kind’ve a big deal! And, speaking of BIG DEALS, here are 13 of some of the best available, Rogue One Star Wars Movie Tees to help get you ready and in the spirit, of arguably the biggest most anticipated film of the year!

Before we get started, if you HAVEN’T seen the latest trailer for Rogue One (for the life of me, I don’t know how you could miss this, but hey, we all get caught up in LIFE things…), here is the trailer below:

Rogue One Star Wars Movie trailer

The trailer kinda gets the juices flowing don’t it? GOOD! Then I think you’re ready to grab a teee and prepare to rebel because in a week or so, it’ll be go time!

Rogue One Star Wars Movie Tees

Rebel Alliance Rogue One Starbird Hoodie

rogue one star wars movie tees
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Star Wars: Rogue One – I Rebel

rogue one star wars movie tees
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Star Wars Rogue One K2S0

rogue one star wars movie tees
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rogue one star wars movie tees
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Go Rogue

rogue one star wars movie tees
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rogue one tee
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Rogue One Star Wars

rogue one star wars
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I Rebel

rogue one star wars movie
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K-2SO Silhouette Graphic

star wars movie
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10 Badly Needed Ghost in the Shell Shirts

Who needs Ghost in the Shell shirts? Actually, who DOESN’T need Ghost in the Shell Shirts? With the recent release of the first full length trailer to the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie starring Scarlett Johannsen, everyone is in the zone and talking about he cool possibilities this film is going to bring the big screen.

Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese media franchise originally published as a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The manga, first serialized in 1989 under the subtitle of The Ghost in the Shell, and later published as its own tankōbon volumes by Kodansha, told the story of the fictional counter-cyberterrorist organization Public Security Section 9, led by protagonist Major Motoko Kusanagi, in the mid 21st century of Japan.

The Ghost in the Shell film will release in March of 2017, and will star Avenger’s Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson.

Ghost in the Shell Shirts

Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell shirt
[$24.80 via Redbubble]

Ghost in the Shell Laughing

ghost in the shell shirt
[$25.63 via Redbubble]

Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell shirt
[$35.64 via Redbubble]

Ghost in the Shell Arise

ghost in the shell arise shirt
[$24.80 via Redbubble]

Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell t-shirt
[$27.80 via Redbubble]

Public Security Section 9

section 9 security
[$25.42 via Redbubble]

Public Security Section 9

public security section 9
[$25.42 via Redbubble]


ghost in the shell t shirt
[$24.80 via Redbubble]

Section 9 Gold Seal – Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell shirt
[$22.53 via Redbubble]

Tachikoma Squad

Tachikoma Squad
[$25.84 via Redbubble]

And, in case you missed it, here is the latest, full length Ghost in the Shell trailer just released:

5 Team Valor Pokemon Go Tees For Women

I don’t know about you, but being apart of a Pokemon Go team is actually pretty cool, and I anticipate, as the game evolves there will be even more benefits to declaring what team your on. What’s even cooler? Not only joining a team while in the game but wearing one of the many Pokemon Go tees now available.

Team Valor – Pokemon Go

pokemon go shirt
[$23.80 via Redbubble]

Team Valor – Pokemon Go

Pokemon shirt
[$25.55 via Redbubble]

Team Valor – Pokemon Go

pokemon go
[$29.50 via Redbubble]

Team Valor – Pokemon Go

pokemon go shirt
[$29.50 via Redbubble]

Valor Power

pokemon go shirt
[$23.84 via Redbubble]

Don’t just declare your team in Pokemon Go but wear the colors. Show up at your next Gym Battle wearing your battle banner and let all who dare approach that this is TEAM VALOR territory now!

9 Netflix Voltron Tees That’ll Amaze

Netflix Voltron, Defender of the Universe was released only a couple days ago as of this writing, but already the buzz is ‘buzzing’ about the show and how it compares to the original series many of us (well, me at least…) grew up on. And with the talk comes a lot more, namely Netflix Voltron original tees from a variety of designers. Feed the nostalgia!

Netflix Voltron Tees

Voltron / Golion

Voltron / Golion
[ $24.80 via Redbubble ]


[ $24.80 via Redbubble ]

Voltron Logo Tee

Voltron logo tee
[ $26.87 via Redbubble ]

Voltron Color Logo Tee

netflix Voltron color logo tee
[ $26.87 via Redbubble ]

Voltron Tee

netflix voltron
[ $26.87 via Redbubble ]

Red Voltron Lion Cubist

Red Voltron Lion Cubist
[ $24.80 via Redbubble ]

Volt (Tron)

voltron movie tee
[ $24 via Design by humans ]

Voltron Sword Shirt

voltron sword shirt
[ $17.95 via 80s Tees ]

Defender Voltron Shirt

defender voltron shirt
[ $27.00 via 80s Tees ]

Logo-Up With These 7 Marvel X-Men Shirts

Was just thinking that the X-Men: Apocalypse film is just around the corner and I haven’t looked at any of the new apparel items that have no doubt been pushed into the retailers of late. Like any of the comic book films, there’s a ton of stuff out there right now and more than likely more will start to show up in the coming days. Taking a quick run through what’s out now, here are 7 X-Men Tees that caught my attention right off the bat.

There is so much out there (literally hundreds of different designs…) and everyone has a ‘preference’ or particular liking that I could like hundreds of these tees and still not appeal to everyone. Me? I’m partial to logos. I love logos or more ‘wordy’ type designs. Some like the large illustrative t-shirt designs and that’s great, but for me personally, I love the minimalist approach. I have listed however, a number of t-shirt retailers that you can browse through to see if there is something more specific to your liking if you don’t like any of the ones I’ve listed here. And by all means, if you have an X-Men Tee you recommend, let me know in the comments below.

Marvel X-Men Shirts

X-Men (Open X)

x-men tee
[ $24.80 via Redbubble ]

X-Men Xavier Institute

X-Men Xavier Institute
[ $30.38 via Redbubble ]

X-men Armor Style

 X men Armor Style
[ $24.80 via Redbubble ]


[ $24.80 via Redbubble ]

Xavier’s School

Xavier's School
[ $22.74 via Redbubble ]

Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters

Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters
[ $23.77 via Redbubble ]

Ok – NOT AN X-MEN TEE, but in my defense, you HAVE to admit that this logo and color scheme is pretty decent eh? Yea, it’s a hoodie (I didn’t see a tee with this same design), but hoodies are still the shit, sooooooo….we’re good right?

Xavier Institute X-Men Logo

x-men hoodie
[ $62.80 via Redbubble ]

Don’t See Anything Here That Works for You?

Again, everyone has their own specific, unique tastes and that’s great because that’s what makes you – YOU! Here are a few online t-shirt retailers who carry a healthy mix of comic book t-shirts and other apparel that may work better for you, and again, if you have a store not listed here or shirt that you’d like to recommend, let me know below! I’d appreciate it!

Redbubble is one of my go-to favorites with tons of creatively designed shirts, hoodies, phone cases and more - Click Here
urban collectorUrban Collector is a collector's site through and through with apparel and items from popular franchises like favorite franchises include DC Comics, Marvel Comcs, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and beyond.
sons of gothamDon't let the name fool ya! Sons of Gotham carries a whole helluva lot more than just designs inspired by Batman and Gotham. See for yourself!
textual teesYou can spend all afternoon browsing through the awesomeness that is Textual Tees. The store is THAT COOL! Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Movie-Inspired Batman V Superman Tees

By now GEEK & NERDY LOYALIST should of already watched Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And, whether you thoroughly enjoyed it, hated it or thought it was ‘Meh’, you cannot deny that these Batman V Superman T shirts online, inspired by the movie, are anything but SPECTACULAR!

Whether you loved Batman, loved Superman, loved Lex or just plain love DC Comics and comic book films in general, there has been something specifically designed just for you. See for yourself!

Batman V Superman T Shirts Online

Batman vs. Superman

batman v superman t shirts online
[$24.48 via Redbubble]

Super Batman

batman v superman t shirt online
[$27.68 via RedBubble]

Batman BvS Logo Ripped

batman v superman tees online
[$26.87 via RedBubble]

New Batman Suit Symbol

batman v superman t shirts online
[$25.55 via RedBubble]


[$25.76 via RedBubble]

LexCorp Neon Logo

lexcorp neon
[$26.61 via RedBubble]

Batman Superman Buster

batman v superman t shirt
[$27.68 via RedBubble]


batman logo
[$25.55 via RedBubble]

Wayne Enterprises Vintage

bvs bruce wayne
[$25.55 via RedBubble]

DC Comics

dc comics logo
[$25.55 via RedBubble]

5 Marvel Comics Black Panther Shirts

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in May but already the frenzy for the film is building at a frenetic pace, especially on the heels of the latest Captain America: Civil trailer released last week – which depicted (among other things…) a most awesome BLACK PANTHER and surprise surprise, an appearance by the webslinger himself, Spider-Man. And, despite this being a Captain America film, the talk of the town has been Spider-Man and Black Panther. That being said, Black Panther shirts are popping up all over, with 5 of them depicted right here!

First however, before we preview the shirts, I beg you, if you haven’t had the opportunity to see the latest Captain America Civil War trailer yet, that you see it here, NOW, and the awesomeness that is Marvel Comics Black Panther!

Don’t get me started on how amazing this trailer is, how amazing the film will be and how amazing characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man look. So if you’ve had your fill and the blood is pumping now, continue below for some of recently released Marvel Comics Black Panther tees from and [click the link and see ALL of Red Bubbles uniquely designed superhero tees when you get a chance].

Black Panther

marvel black panther
[$25.22 via RedBubble]

Black Eclipse

Black Panther T-Shirt
[$25.01 via RedBubble]

Classic Black Panther

classic Black Panther
[$26.87 via RedBubble]

Black Panther Claw Shadow

[$15.02 via Amazon]

Marvel Black Panther Leap Graphic Tee

[$18.00 via Amazon]

Must Have Dead Pool Movie Gear

The Dead Pool Movie is nearly here (Feb. 12th to be exact), so what are we, less than a month out? Ask yourself this, do you have ANY Deadpool gear whatsoever to wear to the premiere? If not you better get going before items start running out. Here are a few items I’ve come across that seem to be both pretty unique and creative enough to get a few heads turning (that is what you want right?)

When I look at shirts to recommend I always look at items I would personally wear. Everyone has a preference and an opinion which is great and is what makes us unique, so what I like may not jive with what you may prefer and that’s cool. BUT….I wouldn’t say my ‘geek fashion sense’ is totally whacked, as I typically get a lot of great compliments, so that being said, I think you’re pretty safe considering the items I recommend here. Give them a once-over and let me know what you think in the comments below. AND, if you have any Deadpool shirts you’ve come across, let me know as well!

Deadpool Superhero

dead pool movie shirt
[$28.94 via RedBubble]

8 Bit Deadpool

8 Bit Deadpool
[$25.84 via RedBubble]

Deadpool and Spiderman

[$24.80 via RedBubble]

Piscina de la Muerto

dead pool movie
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

Deadpool Hold It Like a G

deadpool movie
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

I Want Tacos

deadpool tacos
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

The Walking Merc

the walking merc
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

Guns n Chimichangas

deadpool movie shirts
[$24.80 via RedBubble]

Straight Outta Carbonite

Han Solo was famous WELL before his run-in with the notorious Boba Fett and his ultimate entrapment in carbonite, but you have to admit, that scene in Empire Strikes Back was tough to stomach. I mean, we’re talking HAN SOLO?! C’mon now?! Nevertheless, being encased in carbonite has become just as popular a term as ‘HAN SHOT FIRST’, so why not wear it right? New Star Wars Tee Shirt just recently released…

Star Wars Tee Shirt – Straight Outta Carbonite $14.99

star wars tee shirt
[Order Via –]