5 Breaking Bad iPhone 5 Cases You’ve Never Seen

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Heisenberg’s reign may be over but his legacy lives on! Breaking Bad ‘anything’ these days is a hot and there is some very artistic and creative work being done to immortalize and preserve the adventures of the dynamic duo of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Keep Calm BITCH – $32.55
Breaking Bad iPhone 5 Case - Keep Calm Bitch
Jesse Pinkman and his coveted ‘Yo Bitch!’ forever etched on your iPhone 5. What better attention-getter is there? [Purchase here]

Heisenberg – $34.10
Breaking Bad - Heisenberg
Heisenberg lives on with this simple but clean silhouette of the Breaking Bad maestro himself [Purchase here]

Heisenberg’s Face – $37.20
Breaking Bad iPhone 5 Case
The infamous Heisenberg Face police sketch circulated by law enforcement during the Breaking Bad series. [Purchase here]

Breaking Bad – $35.96
Breaking Bad
Great art design for this Breaking Bad iPhone 5 case featuring Walter White and Pinkman in their ‘lab’ suits. Very artistic and eye-catching. [Purchase here]

Heisenberg’s Shadow – $34.04
Breaking Bad Heisenberg's Shadow
The whispy shadow of the most notorious drug mobster TV has ever known, Heisenberg. [Purchase here]

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