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A Blade Runner 2049 Review. In 1982 we were introduced to the world of Blade Runner. A future where we were introduced to terms like replicants (bio-engineered androids for lack of a better word) and ‘Blade Runners’ (essentially law enforcement officers tasked with hunting down rogue ‘Replicants’). And a world which open our eyes to a new level perspective on what it was to be alive and human. Little did we know, that over 30 years later, we’d get a sequel to that visual masterpiece with another equally stunning piece of work, Blade Runner 2049.

Blade Runner 2049 Review

Without getting into much detail to avoid spoilers and in the spirit of keeping my review brief, I will just touch on a few general aspects of the film.

Blade Runner 2049 review

It’s a Long Movie
Blade Runner 2049 is not your typical 2hr film. The official run-time of the movie is 2 hours and 44 minutes. So you’re looking at carving out at least 3 hours (if you include movie previews) of your day to watch. On the plus side, Blade Runner 2049 is one of those films where time really does fly. Before I knew it, I was three-quarters of the way through and still fully locked in and engaged in the story.

It’s NOT an ACTION flick
If you’re thinking this film is going to be filled with gun fights, explosions, high octane car chases through cavernous, futuristic cityscapes, you will be hugely disappointed.

If you’ve seen the original Blade Runner (which I highly recommend), then expect more of the same.

I would liken the movie to an investigative-type story, focused more on uncovering clues and mysteries, with ‘minor’ flare-ups and action-oriented scenes interspersed throughout. So do not go in, tired, sleepy or anxious to see some ‘Fast and Furious’ shit. Set your expectations accordingly.

It’s a Visual Masterpiece
Like Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049 fully immerses the audience into a futuristic, cyberpunk-like world, both seedy and colorful. They did a wonderful job pulling ideas from the previous film, to help create a seamless and consistent look and feel to the city, as well as the technology, clothing, etc.

blade runner 2049 review

It’s getting great reviews
Though its not breaking the bank at the theaters (the previous film tanked at the box office as well), it is getting ‘across-the-board’ positive reviews (hovering at 88% positive reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes)

All in all, to sum up this Blade Runner 2049 review, from a personal standpoint, if you can’t tell, I loved the film. It’s long, it doesn’t have much action and its a futuristic drama, so-to-speak, so definitely NOT for everyone. The music is also very loud throughout the film (similar to Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR), but awesome and fits the film perfectly. I have linked to the complete soundtrack below.

And lastly, if you liked the first Blade Runner, or like Cyberpunk or sci-fi genre, you should enjoy yourself at Blade Runner 2049. Cheers!

Blade Runner 2049 Soundtrack

Blade Runner 2049 review
Here is the link to the soundtrack on YouTube, and you could also purchase the soundtrack on Amazon.com

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