I am just as giddy with excitement as the next comic book fan when it comes to FINALLY being able to see and visit Wakanda and see the Black Panther Marvel Movie due out in theaters February 9th, 2018. But truth be told, I have virtually ZERO Black Panther collectible items, other that a couple great looking Funko POP toys. I need to spruce up my work office desk with something more, and I’m kinda thinking a Black Panther Marvel Movie Bust might just do the trick? So I started looking around and here is what I found.

Captain America:Civil War Black Panther Bust Bank Statue 1:2 Replica [Amazon]

black panther marvel movie
Over at Amazon they have problem the best Black Panther Marvel Movie Bust of the bunch. It’s a bit pricey but that’s what to be expected for something at the level of design this bust is.

Black Panther Statue Bust [@cheungkinmen]

black panther marvel film
This Black Panther Bust is a bit different – not exactly like what we’ve seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but more than likely more of a rendition of Black Panther from one of his comic book runs no doubt? The muscle tone of the sculpture looks great and I do love this version’s ‘mask’ look and feel? Maybe even moreso than the Civil War version, which is saying a lot since I like the MCU’s take on Black Panther in the movies. Apparently you have to message ‘Johnny’, the designer, to talk about the price and availability, which I haven’t yet done, but probably will at some point. If you would like to contact him, his email is here.

Stan Lee Autographed Black Panther Mini Bust [Hollywood Memorabilia]

marvel black panther
The design of this mini bust Black Panther statue is well done, no argument here, but not not to my personal liking as much as the other two above. Have never been a huge fan of the large cape/collar version of Black Panther, but again, just a personal preference and nothing having to do with the STAN LEE autographed, awesome work featured here.

3D printed Black Panther Action Figure [Imprima Lab]

black panther movie
Although this 3D printed Black Panther design is apparently not for sale, it is actually one of my favorite designs (even though it is labeled as an action figure), and one I would probably purchase in an instant if I could. The design is patterned after an illustration that I had also come across some time ago and loved. The over-sized, Popeye-sized arms is a different, but welcomed new look, that stands out from other Black Panther statue and bust designs. It also borrows from the Marvel Civil War Black Panther suit design rather than one of the old school comic book looks. Definitely need to pursue this one a little bit more diligently. Wonder if this guy would make one for me?