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If you haven’t seen last night’s Season 4 episode ‘Infected’, go watch it then come back. If you have then, help us answer last night’s biggest unanswered question?

Who is feeding the Walkers and enticing them to break into the prison compound from last night’s revelation in The Walking Dead?

Someone is egging the Walkers on by feeding them rats, and getting them to congregate along certain points of the prison’s outer fence. The collective weight of their bodies soon building up to critical as the fence slowly begins to bend and give. The likely result? Soon an army of Walkers will come marching through, once this fence finally gives. The survivors were able to stem the tide last night, but how long will they have to go before they figure out who is doing this?

So who is doing this? Who wants to let these things in? Who is either crazy, traitorous or has some other hidden and sinister agenda to wanting to let this horror in to start eating on men, women and children?

The Carryovers from Previous Seasons

Were this any other series, I’d say that it couldn’t possibly be any of the ‘carryovers’ from seasons past, but stranger things have happened. So if I HAD to pick some originals, my first inclination would be to select Sasha.

The Walking DeadSasha? Why? Again, only choosing her if I HAD to, but I don’t think it’s her. The only reason I did is because of the preview of the upcoming episodes which look like there is suspicion being cast in her direction after a couple ‘infected’ members are found dead and burned. There seems to be some hidden issue at work within Sasha, which we will see played out next weekend.


My first guess is that someone within the newly added group of townsfolk is hard at work trying to sabotage the tranquil community of Prison-ville. So who?

The Walking DeadWe already know, that the self-proclaimed Army Medic, Bob has some ‘demons’ in his past. What exactly those are, are anyone’s guess. Could be related, might not be. But he’s on the list!

That’s all I got. Even looking long and hard at everyone else, its hard to fathom why anyone of them would do this. My last guess being that it is someone we haven’t seen yet or seen very little of. Next week, I have a feeling we’ll get our answer. But if you have a different theory, please share below!

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