Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica … those are just some of the many amazing science fiction films out there. For those who are fascinated with space “the final frontier”, they would be familiar with such titles. They probably have gone far more than just watching the movies. Once you get hooked, everything else follows. You watch the movies, read the comic books, play the video games, collect the action figures and read the novels.

If you are pretty new on these things, then maybe you still have to be educated on the wonderful and mysterious world of science fiction. It is time for you to explore the “galaxy far far away”. While we cannot all be astronauts, we can all do our own exploration just by losing ourselves in a good science fiction novel. Where do we start?

Before you go on buying a book, every good padawan should do his or her own research. Why don’t you start by checking out the best sites to educate yourself on science fiction? These are among the best in the list.

1984The SF Site says it all. If you want to know all about science fiction, then consider this your one stop site for it all. From old to new science fiction flicks, tops hits to flops, there is no better website to visit than the SF Site. It tells a brief story of the novel so you know what to expect and some comments of the readers. Before delving into the complex Science fiction plots, try looking for the simpler ones first and then work your way up as you get ready and become more exposed. Should you want a copy of the book, you can download it from the same site.

SCIFI LISTS is another website that you may want to visit if you are looking for good science fiction novels. In fact, its content spans to more than just science fiction novels. It has a great list of scifi films, television shows and short fiction. While its list is not as comprehensive as the SF Site, it does include only the top ones so if you want to start with the hits, then choose from the top science fiction novels listed at the scifi list. You just cannot go wrong with it.

The Origin Saga is also a website worth visiting for scifi fans or those who are starting to get into it. It has the complete list from science fiction magazines, graphic novels to actual novels. If you are quite a reader with very good imagination, then why not go for an actual novel. If you like it better with photos, graphic novels are quite interesting also. The good thing about the website is that it gives you an extensive description of the scifi work so you have a very clear picture of what’s it about and what to expect the moment that you start reading it.

Ready to graduate to just picking your pleasure and heading off to a nice comfy sofa to read away? NPR has a fantastic (though bit dated) selection of the Top 100 Science-Fiction & Fantasy Books. I use this list myself to see what I’ve missed.

And lastly, If you didn’t know, there is a fantastic social network out there called Goodreads, wheree readers discover, share and recommend books to the community. To be honest, you will see and hear of books you had no idea existed and the biggest benefit of all? Being able to get first hand accounts of how the book was from people who have read it. Anyways, their remarkable Science Fiction reading list is here, so take a peak.

These resources are a great start to setting you off into deep space reading, but it is by no means everything that is out there. If you have any particular resources you work your way back to, to see what good sci-fi reading is available, let us know in the comments below. We’d really appreciate it!