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You’ve Heard of Bad Robot Productions. How About Bad Droid?

Bad Robot Shirts
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Any science fiction aficionado who has seen any notable TV show (ex. Fringe, Almost Human, Revolution, Person of Interest, etc.) or film (Star Trek, Super 8, etc.) knows what I’m talking about when I say, “Baaaaaad Robot.” It’s the iconic, little, red animated robot that skirts through the bushes at the conclusion of any show or film produced by Bad Robot Productions, a company owned by the renowned J.J. Abrams. Still don’t know what I’m referring to? Click here.

Anyways, besides the fact that the Bad Robot Productions logo is just so cool, and that J.J. Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars film, I decided to search far and wide for any t-shirts, hats, or hoodies that had that logo on it. What I found was nothing short of pure awesomeness!

Bad Autobot T-Shirt $24.54

Bad Autobot

Good Robot T-Shirt $24.54

Good Robot

Sad Robot T-Shirt $24.54

Sad Robot

Bad Motivator T-Shirt $24.54

Bad Motivator

Badass Robot T-Shirt $24.54

Badass Robot

Drunk Robot T-Shirt $24.54

Drunk Robot

Bad Dalek T-Shirt $24.54

Bad Dalek

Bad Turret T-Shirt $24.54

Bad Turret

Bad Bot T-Shirt $26.59

Bad Bot

Mad Robot T-Shirt $24.54

Mad Robot

Bad Droid

Bad Droid

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