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Superhero support? You heard it right. Superheroes don’t only have just sidekicks in some instances, they also tend to have a ‘support infrastructure’ that helps them do what they do. With Fall TV shows nearing their end, we’ve had ample time to watch and compare superhero support, so without further ado, here is my pick for number one!

I’ve watched all these shows RELIGIOUSLY from the very beginning…

…so it’s safe to say that I am at the minimum, familiar, with the various ‘partnerships’ and ‘support teams’ on each of these respective shows. Though, even with that being said, my pick for the best support team is my own personal opinion. If you have seen these shows as well, I would be excited to hear your thinking on what team you best align with?

My Criteria

For me anyways, watching comic book superheroes and characters come to life in the living room is a dream come true. And, especially now, during what has been coined ‘The Golden Age of Television’ with the ‘quality’ of television shows at an all time high.

But just seeing the likes of The Flash or Green Arrow or character teams like S.H.I.E.L.D. or Jim Gordon grace me with their presence isn’t enough. When they are NOT on the screen, I have to be able to ‘stomach’ through other the performances of supporting cast members, namely the partners and support staff of our intrepid heroes. So WHO for me is:

  • FUN and ENTERTAINING to watch
  • Puts on great PERFORMANCES and ACTING
  • And, who COMPLIMENTS the Hero or main character nicely?

The Candidates?

Arrow’s Felicity Smoak and John Diggle
The brainy-brawn twosome of Felicify and Diggle works well and blends in great with Stephen Amell’s Arrow character. Diggle is a good ‘strong armed’ brute force back-up to Arrow, even though Arrow is well-versed at hand-to-hand, Diggle brings both brawn, guns and ‘reason’ to Arrow’s fighting game. Felicity is both EASY on the eyes and a great intellectual piece to the Arrow support team puzzle. Felicity though, can sometimes be annoying and maybe just a little too ‘blonde’ or ‘dingy’ than I would expect for a Grand Master Hacker. Maybe the BEST hacker in the superhero TV show lineup.

Gotham’s Harvey Bullock
I only picked Harvey because Jim Gordon’s list of allies, partners and ‘team’ is virtually non-existent. Gordon is a shining beacon of light, hope, honesty and integrity in a sea of otherwise shitty shoddy bad guys. Harvey is certainly no angel but he more often than not finds him aligned with Gordon on more cases than one. For a ‘tool’ I actually like Harvey, a good cop (when he wants to be), Harvey is one to ‘go with the crowd’, in this case being on ‘the take’ to crime bosses like most of Gotham’s police force. All he needs is some strong direction, which Gordon often provides.

Constantine’s Chas Chandler and Zed Martin
I’m not ‘sold’ on Chas’s purpose or usefulness for that matter to Constantine, other than being his driver and another ‘ear’ to listen to Constantine’s rants. Zed on the other hand has REAL talent, and has helped Constantine every step of the way since first being introduced in episode 2.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Melinda May, Skye, Jemma, Leo & Antoine
Director Coulsen’s team has been coming together, much more so than when the show first kicked off, when watching this supposedly ‘elite’ team stumble and trip was hard to bear week after week. The team is a little more sharper, even though HYDRA has decimated much of what the agency used to be, and has started to come into their own under Coulsen’s leadership.

May has always been the strong arm of the team and continues to be a solid contributor and cast on the team. Skye has traditionally been a ‘painful’ element to stomach watching, even though she is great on the eyes, but she too has come full circle and is starting to gel better within the series. Antoine has also been a solid and consistent piece. The problem I have is with the two ‘intellectuals’ of the bunch Leo and Jemma, once my strongest cast members behind Coulsen. The story ‘arc’ with having Leo still fumble along, after having sustained minor brain damage at the hands of Grant Ward, has more than played its part is now tiring to muddle through. It is this single piece that has killed S.H.I.E.L.D.s chances at being THE top support team.

The Flash’s Dr. Harrison Wells, Caitlin and Cisco
And the winner is – THE FLASH’s threesome of Dr. Harrison Wells, Cisco and Caitlin. Dr. Wells, though creepy, mysterious and always with a sinister snicker, is the Professor Xavier of television, brilliant and a source of badly needed guidance for the young Barry Allen. Caitlin is probably the weaker of the three for me, and is actually quite forgettable. Cisco on the other hand is the single strongest reason why I chose The Flash’s supporting team over all others.

Cisco played by Carlos Valdes is one of my favorite characters of all 5 superhero television shows, and that’s saying a lot since he is essentially SUPPORTING cast. His character reminds of Reggie Lee’s Sgt. Wu in the hit television series GRIMM. Smart, entertaining and extremely funny, Cisco is just plain FUN to watch each and every time he’s on screen. Take a second to listen to him next time you watch The Flash. He could literally be ANY one of us…a fanboy and geek who has suddenly be thrusted into the midst of superhero/supervillain mayhem! And he holds nothing back with being in league with the fastest man alive, having loads of fun while doing it and helping stop other supers from over-running Central City.

What team do you think is deserving of the title!

Again, strictly my own personal opinion, but I’d love to hear you assessment as well? Let’s give these support teams props and lift them up to be recognized! Let me know in the comments below, what TV superhero support team is your favorite?