9 Anime That Most Inspired Pacific Rim

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There’s a lot of speculation on where Del Tor acquired his inspiration for the fighting machines known as Jaegers in the film Pacific Rim. It’s obvious from interviews with the iconic Director as well as those familiar with Japanese Anime, where many of the ideas and concepts depicted in Pacific Rim might’ve spawned from. What is especially interesting is the widely, varying opinion as to where Del Toro nabbed the concept of ‘Drifting.’ The idea that to even be able to pilot the Jaeger fighting machines, there must be 2 pilots, joined via neural link. I have seen many suggestions as to the source of Del Toro’s ideas. Let me add another.

Speculation on the origin of Del Toro’s inspiration for Pacific Rim, The ‘Drift’, the Jaegers and the Kaiju have swung from one end of the Anime universe to the other. And, as close as some seem to get, it is quickly becoming apparent that inspiration might very well of come from bits and pieces of all the suggestions currently being discussed across the Web. Not borrowing too much from one series, but taking and idea here and an idea there from a number of popular shows. Here are the ones being discussed across the digital word-of-mouth stream:

Tetsujin 28-Go

Big O

Neon Genesis Evangelion

G Gundam


Getter Robo

Blue Gender

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Gigantic Formula

In the end, only Del Toro really knows what inspired him to create the masterpiece, that is Pacific Rim, but that doesn’t need to stop us from having fun speculating on which one of our fan favorite Anime series most influenced him. If there is another you feel should be on this list, mention it below in the comments so we can discuss!

4 thoughts on “9 Anime That Most Inspired Pacific Rim

  1. Avatar You Tried says:

    You’re half wrong. Del Toro has not even seen Evangelion first off, I doubt he’s seen anything past the 90’s So Blue Gender, Gigantic Formula, G Gundam, as he was already a grown man and working, so those are totally out of place. Big O has actually been cited by the script writer, though, and the other make sense since Del toro grew up in the late 60’s/70’s.

    The other you pulled out of your ass based on peripheral similarities, and you utterly failed to list any Giant Monster movies which where a huge part of the inspiration behind this movie.

  2. dlawyer dlawyer says:

    Good info. Thanks. Although I should of highlighted the line in the post that these were suggestions that I saw being discussed around the Web by various parties on other blogs and forums. Sorry for the confusion….

  3. Avatar It's alright says:

    Never trust any thing that isn’t official. especially when anime is involved. Most posts about Eva are made by ignorant teens who don’t know anything about the genre. Both Del Toro and the script writter have made statements about what inspired them.

  4. dlawyer dlawyer says:

    Good to know. And there does seem to be a lot of chatter about Pacific Rim and Eva too…. strange that, that seems to be the focus of so many…

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