A Most Formidable MUST-SEE Collection of Geek Stuff

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Sideshow recently profiled collector Abril Reyes, who detailed (IMAGES) his amazing collection of geek stuff, ranging from statues and figures of popular characters from comic books, film and television to posters, books and other great items, collected from all over.

Although highly interested in collecting from an early age, Abril Reyes only recently started collecting statues and figurines in 2012. An avid Star Wars fan (aren’t we all in some respect…), Abril begin his journey obtaining geek stuff from a ‘galaxy far, far away’ initially but then very soon branched off, collecting figures from popular films from the 80’s (Terminator, Predator, Back to the Future, Robocop), cartoons (Transformers, Voltron, Voltes V) and only just recently modern day films like the Dark Knight and Iron Man.

Geek Stuff

If you couldn’t guess, some of his favorite items in his collection are from the Star Wars Mythos from Sideshow Toys and more specifically, the first Luke Skywalker DX figure by Hot Toys, signed by Mark Hamill at a recent Star Wars convention.

movie posters
dc comics collectibles
star wars collectibles

You can see more images of Abril’s collection on Sideshow Toys and browse through their extensive gallery of popular figures and statues from all your popular shows and programs.

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