9 Perfect Tees For The US Presidential Election 2016

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The 2016 US Presidential Elections are still more than a year away, and already candidates are making their intentions public, from Hillary Clinton, to Jeb Bush to Donald Trump and more seemingly jumping into the fray weekly. Battle lines are being drawn, issues are being discussed and debated and very soon, lawn signs, banners, streamers and signs, t-shirts and more will start to color the world around us. So let us make a few suggestions for the perfect tees for the US Presidential Election 2016.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars Political 2016 T-shirt
us presidential election 2016 tee
[via Etsy]

Palpatine Vader Star Wars Political 2016 T-shirt
[via Etsy]

Palpatine/Vader Political Tee 2016
[via Amazon.com]

Back to the Future Marty McFly and Emmett Brown Election Parody 2016 Tee
[via Etsy]

Walking Dead Grimes and Dixon Custom Designed Political T-shirt
[via Etsy]

Chewbacca and Solo Political T-shirt. Let the Wookie win!
[via Amazon.com]

Picard and Riker Presidential Election 2016 T-shirt
[via Amazon.com]

The One who Votes
[via RedBubble]

Roslin for President
us presidential elections 2016
[via RedBubble]

US Presidential elections have become so rife with silliness over the years, and gone are the days when civil conversations and debates were welcomed. It’s time to inject some fun and silliness of our own into the equation with this awesome lineup of creatively illustrated tees to liven things up. Grab one…grab two and lets show others how THE GEEKOCRACY lives through election season!

The Geekocracy
The Geekocracy

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  1. Don Fleming says:

    Perfect tees all-around, but you won’t be allowed to wear them when you go to the polls to vote. Jim Balent, he of DC Comics 90’s Catwoman fame & current publisher of Broadsword Comics, & his wife Holly both found that out today when they both wore Chewbacca/Solo 2016 ‘Let The Wookie Win’ tees to the polls. They were both asked to zip up & cover the tees in order to vote. Afterwards Jim posted about the incident on his Facebook page.

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