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You still sportin’ those dull, black, nondescript USB thumb drives at the office? Borrrrrring! And you consider yourself a true acolyte to Geekdom? WTH?! Let us help you out with our compilation of geek’d out thumb drives to add a little recognition in the workplace.

1.) Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives (click title for more information & pricing)
Star Wars mimobots thumb drives
Mimobots are a cool mashup of designer toys and USB storage devices and it so turns out that Mimobots + Star Wars = Some pretty sweet collectable USB Thumb Drives. All are expertly fashioned, limited edition and can store 8GB of data while showing everyone else that you’re no plain Joe or Jane!

The gang’s all here too, including: Admiral Akbar, Boba Fett, C3PO, Han in Carbonite, Lando Calrissian, Jawa, R2-D2, Slave Leia, Stormtrooper, Vader, a Wampa, Wicket, and Yoda. These high speed USB thumbdrives store 8 GB of data. Just pop off your pal’s head and shove ’em in the nearest port to access it.

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2.) Star Wars Millennium Falcon MimoMicro USB Drive & Reader (click title for more information & pricing)
Millennium Falcon thumb drives
When you need to transport certain *cough* cargo across the galaxy, you call up one Han Solo and his Millenium Falcon. He’s sure to get it where it needs to go for a price. But what if you want to quickly remove a file from your digicam to your iPhone? Turns out, the Millenium Falcon is the answer to that problem, too!

Move your files from mobile device to computer with ease with the MimoMicro USB Drive and Reader. These tiny heroes are less than two inches tall, but are super-powered on the inside. Pull your microSD card from your cell phone, pop it into your MimoMicro, flip out the USB port and it’s ready to transfer your files to your computer. There’s even a keychain attachment so you can keep your MimoMicro by your side at all times.

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3. DC Comics Mimobot Thumb Drives (click title for more information & pricing)
DC Comics thumb drives
You have precious data to protect. Do you choose a hero or a villain?

Here’s a prime example of your decision: If you admire Batman’s moral code, give your precious files to him. Just remember that he won’t kill anyone to protect them. If, on the other hand, you’d like someone more conniving to watch your stuff, The Joker’s ready to help.

Each of these DC Comics thumb drives has 8 GB of storage. Will you choose Good… or Evil?

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4.) Mass Effect Mimobot Flash Drives (click title for more information & pricing)
Mass Effect thumb drives
We really want an Omni-tool, but when we sent the specs to GeekLabs, they laughed in our faces and said that they’d stick it in their “Check this in 50 years” file. Since we were pretty bummed about that, they scoured the world for a substitute. They didn’t want us to cry, after all. Nothing is sadder than a Mass Effect gamer crying.

Introducing cool new flash drives, featuring Shep and Liara. No, they’re not Omni-tools, but they’re pretty darn awesome nonetheless. Each 16 GB flash drive contains desktop artwork, 1080p cinematic trailer, and codes for multiplayer bonus items. Fill them with your secret files and feel like a Spectre.
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5.) UFO Robot Grendizer Flash Drive With Saucer Docking Station (click title for more information & pricing)
UFO Robot Grendizer Flash Drive
It took all that Prince Duke Fleed had to steal the Grendizer and escape his home planet. He traveled faster than the speed of light and made it to Mount Fuji in Japan where he assumed the identity of Daisuke, thanks to Doctor Umon. It didn’t take long for the Vegans to establish a base on the far side of the moon with the intention of attacking earth, but, with the help of the Grendizer, young Prince Duke Fleed was able to thwart the evil King Vega and save his adoptive planet and those he loved.

But, just as the epic battle came to an end and the Prince was about to return to Fleed, the Grendizer disappeared! Prince Duke need your help in deciphering the only clue left by the Grendizer: a flash drive model of himself. All he knows it that it holds the key to rebuilding the Grendizer and reestablishing the galactic traveler to get him and his Princess home to Fleed. Will you take up the task and bring the Grendizer back to life?

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6.) Doctor Who 4GB TARDIS Flash Drive (click title for more information & pricing)
Dr. Who flash drive
Have you ever considered how much data the TARDIS must have? That sexy blue box has been all over time and space with The Doctor and we can’t even fathom how much data she has stored in her. That’s probably why she didn’t do so well in human form… too much info for such a tiny brain. If only we could pull off just a teensy bit of that data. Just think of the things we might discover!

This mild-mannered TARDIS keychain has a secret: it’s really a 4 GB flash drive! You don’t even need a special key to access the control room, swimming pool, and other goodies locked inside. Just pop open the roof and you’ll be able to plug it into your computer. The light on top of the TARDIS will illuminate when you have a connection. Then it’s up to you to allons-y and get to work!

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7.) EMTEC M314 Animal Series 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive EKMMD4GM314 (Penguin) (click title for more information & pricing)
In a world full of bland, boring flash drives, the EMTEC Penguin stands out from the crowd. Charm the ladies with this oh-so-cute Penguin while you flash that million dollar smile!

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