5 Popular MUST SEE Jurassic World Shirts

Jurassic World Shirt
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Big, monstrous, ‘teethy’ yet majestic Dinosaurs are back in the theaters with Jurassic World opening nationwide this past weekend. And what I found funny after having watch the film, is that dinosaurs NEVER get old? Sure, it’s ‘more of what we’ve seen before’ but the look on the faces of kids (and parents) watching these ancient beasts of old take to the big screen once more, was all I needed to see to know that EVERYONE loves seeing Dinosaurs!

So I had to get out and see what was flying off the shelves, what was popular and trending, and what would be MY NEXT t-shirt! Here is what I found…


jurassic world shirt - InGen
[via RedBubble $25.84]

Mosquito AmberRock Dino Lager

Jurassic world
[via RedBubble $24.80]

Raptor Squad

jurassic world movie
[via RedBubble $27.90]

Jurassic World Disney Castle

jurassic world shirt
[via RedBubble $24.80]

Jurassic Park

jurassic park
[via BustedTees $20.00]

If you haven’t got out to see Jurassic World, I encourage you to do so while it is as the theaters. There’s no REAL way to watch dinosaurs except on the BIG SCREEN! Don’t forget to grab a shirt here before you do!

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