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Today, the reboot to the classic 1987 sci-fi film, Robocop, launched in theaters nationwide, and I was fortunate enough to get out ahead of the crowds to see it. Like many others, the anticipation was high after a spate of action-packed trailers blitzed across movie and TV screens during the previous few months. But like most ‘reboots’ of 80’s cult classics, I was skeptical. Half way through the film, though, I was fully onboard and engaged. Here are 5 ways the new Robocop movie entertained…

1. The ‘build-up’ was cool
There was a report I read earlier in which the author explained gthe opening third of the new Robocop film, rather slow before it really got going. I actually read that review before I went, and so that stigma rested with me as I watched. But in fact, the build up was great!

It ‘eased’ us into the fold, by first showing us how robots were currently being used around the world, the opposition to the use of bots in the U.S. and the greedy corporations which saw only opportunity in the billions. We were given a solid but brief insight into Officer Murphy’s police and family life and before you knew it, the stage was set. BOOM! Murphy is blown up and the Robocop project kicks off. What else do you want?

2. Future Tech & Society
The world portrayed was both futuristic but not unlike the society we live in today. Some things remained familiar but different (ex. trouble in the Middle East, trouble in Iran) and some things stayed the same (ex. corporations and business as usual).

Technology was slightly advanced, with robotics now taking a more prominent role than they do today with the occasional drone attacks overseas. But seeing robotics being applied in a peacekeeping and policing role was scary, but also fun to watch as these systems carried out ‘swift’ justice in the streets.

3. New Robocop ‘model’ very cool
new robocop film
The new Robocop is cooler than the last. There’s no new doo-dads, but the black gunmetal armor was definitely a huge plus, as were the head-up displays, targeting mechanisms and the ability to search vast criminal databases and access CCTV cameras throughout the city in real-time. Kind’ve makes the 1987 Robocop look like a floppy disk next to a solid state drive. Sorry, I went really tech, but you catch my drift.

4. All-Star Cast
If you’ve seen the trailers then you know the film has a fantastic and active lineup of talent. Samuel Jackson is Pat Novok, an over zealous, right wing talk show host, pro-robotics, and pro-OCP. Gary Oldman is the good Doctor Dennett Norton, who built Robocop and whose conscious eventually gets the better of him as he puts his life on the line to support Murphy and his family. Michael Keaton is corporate executive Raymond Sellars, greedy, ambitious and dangerous. Comedian Jay Baruchel is the marketing guy. And, Jackie Earle Haley is the ruthless, Rick Mattox (Rorschach in the Watchmen), a corporate henchman, soldier and smug bastard who has nothing but spite for Frank Murphy and the Robocop program.

Like I said. Anytime these guys are on screen, I’m lovin’ it.

5. Plenty of Special Effects
Lastly, the effects are leaps and bounds beyond the 1987 Robocop, with digital displays, moving-fighting robots, drones and combat scenes all QUALITY! And when the action does start, the movie soars through – almost too quick in my opinion, because its THAT entertaining.

Downside of the film was the lack of comedy. The one thing the original Robocop prided itself on was the corny comedy that seemed to flow throughout the film. The new Robocop movie has its moments but they are few and far between.

In any case, if you’re looking for a good, sci-fi, techie shoot ’em up, Robocop wins that bout hands down!!