5 Marvel Comics Black Panther Shirts

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Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in May but already the frenzy for the film is building at a frenetic pace, especially on the heels of the latest Captain America: Civil trailer released last week – which depicted (among other things…) a most awesome BLACK PANTHER and surprise surprise, an appearance by the webslinger himself, Spider-Man. And, despite this being a Captain America film, the talk of the town has been Spider-Man and Black Panther. That being said, Black Panther shirts are popping up all over, with 5 of them depicted right here!

First however, before we preview the shirts, I beg you, if you haven’t had the opportunity to see the latest Captain America Civil War trailer yet, that you see it here, NOW, and the awesomeness that is Marvel Comics Black Panther!

Don’t get me started on how amazing this trailer is, how amazing the film will be and how amazing characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man look. So if you’ve had your fill and the blood is pumping now, continue below for some of recently released Marvel Comics Black Panther tees from Amazon.com and Redbubble.com [click the link and see ALL of Red Bubbles uniquely designed superhero tees when you get a chance].

Black Panther

marvel black panther
[$25.22 via RedBubble]

Black Eclipse

Black Panther T-Shirt
[$25.01 via RedBubble]

Classic Black Panther

classic Black Panther
[$26.87 via RedBubble]

Black Panther Claw Shadow

[$15.02 via Amazon]

Marvel Black Panther Leap Graphic Tee

[$18.00 via Amazon]

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