Where to Read Manga Online Free. There’s been a better time to be born than in today’s high-tech, hyper-connected world, where so many services and products are at your beck-and-call at the swipe of a finger or the click of a button. Back in the day, you had to make your way to the local bookstore to purchase your favorite Japanese Manga. Now? There are a ton of digital destinations where you can read Manga online free. You may already know some of these hotspots, but let’s see if you know all of these listed below?!

Book WalkerBook Walker
Book Walker is both bookstore and mobile app for reading Digital Manga & Light Novels from Japan. The site has over 3,500 Manga and Light Novels from over 20 publishers that can be viewed on your computer as well as on all of your favorite mobile devices (iOS, Android & PC)
MangareaderManga Reader
Mangareader.net is a free website for reading manga online without any required registration. Mangas are categorized into different types such as manhwa and popular genres like action, adventure, and fantasy.
Manga Stream, a site that looks more like a personal blog than a repository for Japanese Manga, has a relatively smaller collection of Manga than other sites. Their translation of Manga seem to also come under fire by some by being either incomplete or not entirely accurate. But definitely visit and judge for yourself.
Kissmanga has been a hugely popular Manga resource for sometime, presenting a fairly large collection of Manga for every reader. Although there have been reports of frustrating pop-up advertisements muddying up the experience, the site is a good reading resource to have bookmarked.
We liked Manga Panda quite a bit. With 1000's of English-translated Manga available, relatively easy to navigate and quick to get you settled and reading your favorite book, Manga Panda is definitely a site you should review.
Search for your favorite Manga's by the latest releases, genres or by name. The site has tons of Manga - a little bit of everything!
There are a lot of different means of finding Manga on MangaKakalot. Search by latest Manga, Hot Manga, New Manga, Popular Manga or completed Manga. You can also search by genres, of course.
Not sure if Zingbox was a great anime resource at one time or if they're just having some difficulties with their website, but things were not loading or timing out on our visit. It looks like it is/was a good looking site. I would continue to check back with them, just in case!
MyReadingAnime is your more adult leaning Manga site with th emajority of books within that genre. The look and feel is somewhat basic, opting more for just being able to provide content than looking great. Still, if this is your 'reading section' there are titles to be had.
Huge collection of free Manga here folks. Lots of catergories and genres, and lots of different ways to search and find what you're looking for. Search by New Manga, Yaoi, Doujinshi, Shounen Ai, Yuri, Shoujo and a whole bunch of other ways. The number of titles here is staggering!
MangaFreak also has a sizeable list of Manga titles but the interface is no where near as good as MangaGo (above). Still, it might be an option, to find something if the other sites don't have it.
You have to create an account to access Manga on Niadd and we weren't ready to go there just yet - especially since other sites don't require an account. Still, it appears to be a free resource to read Manga, you just have to take additional steps to get there.
Manga DoomManga Doom
Manga Doom is a good Free site. Simple navigation, and quick to get you to your title and off reading without having to dig deep into the site to access the content. You can search for books in a variety of ways, from genre to popular titles and there's no requirement to create an account.
Manga InnManga Inn
Here is another site that requires you to create an account to access the free Manga, which again, we did not do. The interface doesn't look as intuitive as some of the other sites we visited but maybe that changes once you create an account. We'd be curious to hear from anyone who is a member of this site how the experience was?
Manga BBManga BB
Manga BB seems to be a simple enough site. Sparse on looks and navigational choices, but still, simple enough that you can run a quick search for a book title and be off and reading in no time. No registration required.
Otaku SmashOtaku Smash
Otaku Smash has a sizeable collection of free Manga, but the search interface is not good. Definitely could be better based on the sites reviewed. Nice thing is, no account creation required, and they have nice roundup lists of Manga for you to browse through - i.e. Top 50 Sports Manga, Top 100 Action Adventure Manga, Top Romance 50 Manga, etc.
Fun MangaFun Manga
Great collection of Manga judging by the list they have, but it requires you to create an account to access. Appears to be free Manga, but you need to register first.
Read MangaRead Manga
Read Manga (European) has a good long list of titles and as far as we can tell, the Manga is free to read, despite the fact that there is a place for you to register and create an account. They may just over a free 'sampling' of Manga before requesting you create an account? We're not sure.
Manga ZukiManga Zuki
Free Manga and no registration required, good navigation and user interface, although the collection is very small.
Large collection of Free Manga. Front page of the site seems cluttered and the navigation/user interface could be a lot better. You could eventually find what you're looking for, but if you're there to just browse titles and genres you could be spending some time doing so.
MangadexManga Dex
Manga Dex seemed 'slow' and definitely not as intuitive to get around as other sites. Seems to have a vibrant and engaging community and forum for fans, which is cool.
ACG MonsterACG Monster
Pretty and straight-forward looking site. No frills, no clutter and a relatively simple navigation scheme. Searching by list could be overwhelming, but searching by category is easy-peasey.
Manga RockManga Rock
Manga Rock doesn't like Ad-Blockers and they'll never tire trying to tell you that with their messaging all over the site. But aside from that, we found the site easy to navigate, light clutter on the home page and free access to a wide range of mangas
Manga FoxManga Fox
Not a fan of heavy lists right on the home page (it looks messy and cluttered), but it does serve a purpose here in informing you right at the start of what's new. The site appears hugely popular judging by the share counters, and it has a monster collection of free mangas to choose.

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