17 Best D & D YouTube Channels you should be Following | My Geek and Nerdy ‘origin story’ in the early eighties started like so many others, plowing through late night sessions of Dungeons & Dragons, with school and neighborhood friends, good food and imagination galore. They are perhaps some of my fondest childhood memories. So you can imagine my elation at seeing the resurgence of D & D, with younger generations, despite the hefty distractions of video games and mobile phones. And part of the coolness of seeing D & D’s triumphant return is the plethora of ‘resources’ players now have access to, to help them further enjoy and immersive themselves in this wonderful role playing game. Here are the 17 Best D & D YouTube Channels you should be Following.

17 Best D & D YouTube Channels you should be Following

D & D Beyond


Geek & Sundry

Matthew Colville


Puffin Forest ( 639,047 subscribers )

WASD20 ( 120,037 subscribers )

Web DM ( 158,497 subscribers )

XP to Level 3 ( 166,912 subscribers )

High Rollers DnD ( 63,854 subscribers )

Dungeons & Dragons ( 240,688 subscribers )

Runehammer ( 36,905 subscribers )

Takahata101 ( 334,628 subscribers )

AJ Pickett ( 48,876 subscribers )

aFistfulofDice ( 28,441 subscribers )

Tabletop Terrors ( 19,471 subscribers )

How to be a Great Game Master ( 140,598 subscribers )

And there you have it! 17 D & D YouTube Channels you should be Following if you are at all serious about playing the popular role-playing game or are anxious to learn. It’s entertainment that really pushes your imagination to areas you had no idea you could even stretch to, and it’s a wonderful experience.

What’s just as cool is also seeing so many younger generation players enter the fray. What with the amount of distraction kids have these days with technology and video games, it’s amazing that D & D has been able to capture their attention and bring back gaming at a more social person-to-person level. Even celebrities are getting in on the fun.

D & D YouTube Channels

Although, I hate to label these as the BEST there is, since really, the BEST, is any channel or YouTubber that you find is the most helpful and entertaining to you specifically. But these Dungeons & Dragons YouTube Channels really are something special in their own right and I have no doubt you will find something extremely helpful watching them.

That being said, if there is a YouTube channel you watch or know of that you think should be included here, please let me know. I would love for this list to grow and become as useful a resource as possible for other readers and aspiring D & D players. It takes a village!