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The Strain – Dr. Ephraim ‘Eph’ Goodweather, is the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City when he and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism.

Before they realize the full impact of what they’re dealing with, the outbreak has spread and anarchy in the city is rampant. Only Eph and his ragtag group have any clue what is really happening as they struggle to figure out how to deal with it.

The Strain

The Strain is a horror-based television series that premiered on FX on July 13, 2014, that has already rallied a size-able following. The show, produced by the famed Director Guillermo Del Toro, has been a hit since the first episode and it hasn’t slowed down.

But like all television series, despite how good they are, there’s always those moments that have us scratching our head and wanting to rant in a ‘sit-down’ with the Director – WTF are you thinking here? Here are 10 questions that I know, are on all of our minds as avid viewers of The Strain:

  1. Why is Eph Goodweather such an idiot.


    For a scientist and fairly smart guy (I mean, he’s head of a CDC team right?), Eph continues to both annoy and frustrate me with his lack of common sense. Eph – you may be classifying this ‘outbreak’ as an epidemic based on no other classification to give it in the big book of CDC nasties, but you AND I both know that there are no epidemics that have recipients able to do what these things are doing in New York right now. Get with the freaking program!

    Also, your wife is gone. get that through your head. You have yourself, you have your son, move along already! Your wife is not hanging out in the sewers waiting for you to happen down there so she could call your name lovingly…jeezus! And for Pete’s sake, tell your kid exactly what is going on. It’s not just a disease or affliction like the common cold or something infecting people. Have some faith in your son and let me know what’s going on. He’s probably stronger than you Eph!

  2. Is Abraham Setrakian an asset or liability?


    Abraham is definitely someone whom we desperately needed at the onset of the vampiric outbreak, as Eph and supporting cast would of surely perished long ago without the background information Abraham provided (despite that fact that Eph still is having trouble believing him). But now that we have more able-bodied souls to fight, and after having watched last Sunday’s episode – The Third Rail, where Abraham almost lost his shit to the Master and a horde of other nasties, the question is, is this guy still useful or is he going to jeopardize people’s lives?
  3. I vote Vasiliy Fet for Commander-in-Chief. Whose with me?


    Vasiliy Vet, the once, sleaze-ball rodent exterminator, is now the strongest (mentally and physically) member of this hodge podge group of vampire hunters. Vasiliy should be leading this team rather than Eph, who still clearly, has some ‘issues’ he needs to work out and come to grips with. Vasiliy has no attachments, is confident, is decisive and has the balls that its going to take to see this through.
  4. Ditch everyone else. All we need is Gus and Vasiliy. Right or wrong?


    Gus, the thug earlier (unknowingly) hired to drive the Master’s ornate, resting coffin our the airport to safety, is a tough cookie. He knows what’s going on and like Vasiliy, he’s decisive in doing what needs doing. Problem is, he hasn’t yet discovered our intrepid band, but he will, and when he does, he and Vasiliy need to kick Eph and Nora to the curb. Between those two and possibly Eph’s kid (who seems like he’ll have more potential than his old man in dealing pain to the vampires), that’s all we need to save the world.
  5. Will Fitzwilliams join the fight?


    Fitzwilliams knows something is wrong and he doesn’t like it. He’s got the skill, he’s got the men and he’s got the balls to really add something to Eph’s team – especially with Vasiliy and (hopefully) Gus down the road, they could become quite the formidable team. Will Fitzwilliams join up? Or is he planning on taking down the Master himself?
  6. Are our intrepid heroes prepared to take down the Master?


    Abraham had stated that if they were to take down the Master, that the Strain would be eradicated. Just like that. Seemed simple enough when he said it, kill one guy and the world would be saved. Yea whatever. easier said than done, and from what we’ve seen recently, there isn’t a chance in Hell the Master is going down anytime soon. Eph and company are a special kind of crazy if they think they have what it takes right now to take down something like that. I say re-group back at the pawn shop until you guys have a freaking plan!
  7. When will the Nazi Thomas Eichorst meet his horrible end?


    Eichorst needs to die, and in the most horrific way imaginable. The guy is like a bug that you just try and try to kill but can’t. He’s lasted through the years, serving the Master throughout time and is now once again by the Master’s side as he ushers in an era of darkness. Eph wounded him earlier, which was encouraging, but the old man failed in his attempt at revenge at finishing the German off. Is there no one who could resolve this once and for all? Visiliy? You’re our only hope!
  8. Is it just me or are you also ready for Nora’s mom to meet her end?

    Okay, first let me say that Alzheimer’s is a serious disease and nothing to joke about, however, within the context of The Strain, Nora’s mom, who most certainly suffers from this dehabilitative affliction is a royal pain in my ass. She frustrates me to no end and its only a matter of time before someone dies because of her.

  9. Why doesn’t the Master end this now?


    Has anyone been watching? How fast the Master can move? How freakishly strong he is? The Master can dispatch with Eph and company at any time, so doesn’t he? Why wouldn’t he? In last Sunday’s episode of The Strain, when the Master had Eph by the throat, ready to bleed him dry, it was apparent he wanted to make Eph suffer, so perhaps that is why the Master insists on dragging this charade on. Of course, there’s always the issue of killing off everyone too soon and hence destroying the whole season in one fail swoop.
  10. Is the world is screwed?


    Vampires are popping up everywhere and with communications down, no one knows what’s going on. The city is falling and the inhabitants haven’t a clue. At this rate, the Strain will spread at such an exponential rate, that there doesn’t appear to be anything anyone can do about it. The world is screwed and a new apocalypse is coming, unless Eph and crew have anything to say about it – which I don’t think they do!
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